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Lotus Notes/Domino Maintenance Personnel

Job description:
1. Lotus Domino server management, including planning, registration, configuration management, backup and maintenance;
2. Lotus Notes database development and maintenance. Familiar with Lotus/Domino B/S and C/S structure development and with LotusScript, HTML, Notes formula, javascript and XML;
3. Domino management and maintenance;
4. Demand survey and analysis of working process; 
5. Responsible for company-wide information security;
6. Training and marketing of company's IT system;
7. Technical guidance for PC-end maintenance personnel;

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer or equivalent; at least two years of experience in Domino Notes development;
2. Capable of independently designing and developing Notes applications for complicated working process and familiar with Domino management;
3. Knowing about at least one relational database language as well as database connectivity and configurations;
4. Good at system and on-stream analysis; proactive, highly motivated, task driven with sense of responsibility;
5. Skillful in communication;
6. Strong sense of confidentiality;
7. Familiar with company's organizational structure and duty division as well as business Process; expertise in information required;

Data Editing (crawler search)

Job description:
1. Capable of using HTML codes and web crawlers to collect news;
2. Analyzing characteristics of web columns and skillfully using company's search engines to collect news;
3. Finding new websites; replenishing and providing maintenance to well-set web-based information sources;
4. Performing front-end data analysis of web-based information sources and providing information source solutions according to specific project requirements;

1. Junior college and above, major in computer and Internet; experienced personnel preferred;
2. Knowing about operating principles of search engines and web crawlers;
3. Honest, self-motivated, responsible, patient, and skillful in communication;

Public Sentiment Analyst

Job description:
1. Responsible for public sentiment analysis, data collection and analysis, report writing and representation;
2. Access to first-hand media information and good communication with data providers to meet your need for information;

1. Bachelor degree and above preferred;
2. Major in news, mass communication, information management, public relations, advertisement, statistics, economy, and marketing; 
3. At least two years' experience in public sentiment analysis preferred; strong interest in media study and public sentiment analysis; sensitive to market research and analysis as well as to data; capable of providing analysis and research reports;
4. Good logic, communication, and expression ability; good command of English and strong sense of teamwork;
5. Skillful in using standard office software, information collection, and data processing;
6. Independent, organized, patient, detail-oriented, open-minded, and willing to think hard and keep learning; comprehensive career development and cooperation opportunities;

Data Analyst

Job description:
1. Responsible for analysis and editing of brand communication information;
2. Responsible for the establishment and research of databases that deliver data analysis
3. Providing data analysis reports on a weekly or monthly basis as well as in-depth reports according to customer needs;
4. Discovering public sentiment hotspots and predicting trends;

1. Three to five years' experience in data analysis;
2. Skillful in using office software and writing;
3. Skillful in using data analysis software such as SPSS, SAS and R; rich experience in mind mapping preferred;
4. Knowing about database principles; experience in database building analysis required;
5. Experience in survey and research as well as web data analysis preferred;
6. Highly responsible, sharp to think and learn, and keen on reading;
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