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On October 27-28, the Analysys A10 Big Data Application Summit was held in Beijing. Over 30 important figures from various fields, such as finance, retail, entertainment, education, and capital, along with more than 3,000 representatives from fields including media, the Internet, traditional companies, and capital gathered together to discuss the application of big data in various scenarios ranging from smart transportation and consumption to social situations, while also aiming to predict the trends of big data's future development.

The application of big data is now visible in all walks of life, and it has brought great potential for innovation. Take the auto industry for example, auto makers and providers are now working on how to utilize the large quantity of data collected from vehicles and understanding what effect the data will have in the future. Mary Barra, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of General Motors Company, said that the company is now studying how to use vehicle data to help their customers. Meanwhile, the company sees this as an opportunity for generating more profits for its B2B businesses. Hyundai, on the other hand, recently opened its first global big data center in Guiyang to meet Chinese customers' demand for vehicle network services with the help of data analysis. With the development and support of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, smart transportation systems will usher in a brand new era, and the vehicle connectivity will be the development direction of new-generation smart transportation systems.

In light of this, NewsTurbo editors summarized contents relevant to the development direction and technologies of the auto industry as shared by experts during the Summit, and presented them as follows:

Edward Yu
President and CEO of Analysys International

It is not enough to use big data to spot the problem, it is also imperative to use it to come up with a solution;

5G will speed up the response of information and enhance driverless driving technologies.

Xiong Ming
CIO of China Taiping
With the arrival of 5G, there will likely be a boom in fields such as connected vehicles in the next four to five years.

Sun Weili
Senior Expert of Didi's Smart Transportation

Smart transportation is one of the cores of Didi's five major strategies this year;

We need to build a more effective mobility system by connecting vehicle resources left unused with customers in need of them.

Tian Chao
Vice President of Mobike

Big data application and artificial intelligence can not only optimize the accurate launch of sharing bikes, but can also help improve Mobike's operation and management capability;

Mobike has reduced the amount of carbon emissions, traffic jams and non-green mobility, and helped maintain a better living environment.

Tan Chang
VP of iFLYTEK Big Data Research Academy

Artificial Intelligence supports urban big data application;

The ultimate goal of artificial intelligence and big data is to make people's life easier.

Wu Sheng
Founder of Context Lab

Focusing on data is focusing on matters that are of grave importance to companies;

Data is not only decision-driven, but also drives management, process and businesses. Most importantly, data is driving data;

The value of data is changing existing products and services. It has also generated new products and services. Data is the purified genes of a new species, and it drives the application scenarios for artificial intelligence.

Yang Shoubin
Founding Partner of Fenghou Capital

Intelligence will create new production relations;

Companies need to devise new strategies among new groups, new technologies, new scenarios, new relationships and new brands;

In the past, publicity came first, followed by reputation, then loyalty. Now there is a new logic of brand construction: loyalty, reputation, and then publicity;

In around five years, more than 50% of employees in many consumption and services areas will be replaced by machines. In the future, whoever is in charge of big data, machine learning, and intelligence will have the dominant position to some degree.

Ma Tao
Vice GM of Analysys Analysis Group
The profits of Internet data are disappearing, and digitalized companies and data economy value deserve more of our attention.

Zhu Jiang
VP of Analysys and GM of Product Group

Companies need to analyze their products through data analysis. They also need to refine their operations, generate analyses according to needs, picture their customers, and find solutions to problems;

In the future, all companies will become digital enterprises, and all customers will become digital customers. The assets of digital customers will become the core assets of companies;

Against the backdrop of consumption upgrades, customer needs are diversifying and increasing. Therefore, the competition of future products has to rely on services and quality instead of prices, speed and modes.

Ni Zewang
President of Shenzhen Capital Group

The integration of big data and various industries is the innovation trend;

Nowadays, Internet data is what can be liquidated most quickly. It is more important to have data source management and utilization capability than to own data.

Li Zhen
Founder of
Data is the future, and products that combine first-party data and third-party data can win in the future.
Jiang Tao
Founder of GeekFounders
Data digging is costly, and it's not the more, the merrier. Quantity and methods both matter.

Xiang Bibo
Senior VP of VIPKID
There are three important elements in artificial intelligence and big data: data, algorithm and scenarios.
Chu Min
VP of AISpeech
In the future, discussion of voice artificial intelligence will focus on whether it can meet the needs of various industry segments and fields. For companies like AISpeech, the only thing that they need to do is to cooperate with one another and innovate together.

Editorial Review

During the recently concluded 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping said that we will work faster to build China into a manufacturer of quality and develop advanced manufacturing, while promoting further integration of the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence with the real economy. The Analysys A10 Summit was held on such a timely occasion. Artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and NEVs have been commonly acknowledged by insiders as the future development route of the auto industry. The accelerated development and further integration of big data, artificial intelligence and NEVs are bound to bring customers a whole new experience and give new value to vehicles. They will also help promote the R&D of autonomous driving, support the upgrade and transformation of the auto industry and thus push forward the construction of smart transportation and smart cities.

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