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Public Sentiment Monitoring and Analysis

Our public sentiment analysis system features technologies concerning online information gathering, analysis, storage, full text retrieval, Chinese character processing, and text mining. We provide a 24/7 service to help clients monitor content on websites, forums, tieba, weibo, blogs, videos, and electronic presses, and to collect data from search engines. Our service is aimed at helping clients manage their online images and improve their PR.

System Functions

1. Various online media: Cover search engines, news portals, forums, blogs, weibo, wechat, electronic presses, and video websites.

2. Round-the-clock monitoring: Track eWOM through 24/7 service.

3. Hot news identification: Automatically identify hot news items online thanks to our intelligent cluster technology, which covers indices like the number of reposts, CTR, comments, replies, and coverage.

4. Negative report identification: Intelligently identify sensitive reports and label “potential negative news” on the basis of set formulas to help clients with information management; update these formulas on a timely basis to improve identification efficiency.

5. Crisis warning: Independently send out sensitive messages to specified telephone numbers, email boxes, and PCs via pop-up windows in accordance with set keywords and a list of recipients; also offer manual mode for options.

6. Top keywords ranking: Rank top keywords according to exposure frequency and importance of all keywords.

7. Automatic report generation: Produce various WOM reports comprising text and charts.

8. Multi-dimensional analysis: Include various indices such as communication channels and sentiment levels.

9. Sentiment statistics: Generate various statistical diagrams based on analysis results to provide useful data to clients.
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